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We work to simplify investing & endeavor to maximize stock market opportunity.

grinnell capital

A straight-forward, balanced portfolio of innovative market leading companies designed to fuel your ultimate lifestyle.

We are an investment management firm that seeks to capture significant growth opportunities by constructing a high conviction portfolio of inefficiently priced and disruptive companies through a disciplined, fundamentally driven investment process underscored by stringent risk controls.

investment philosophy

Invested in

We invest in the market leaders of today and tomorrow in the following sectors:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Cloud Computing & Data Center
  • Business Enablement
  • Alternative Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Cryptocurrency

on growth

Through experience and a deep understanding of economic cycles, we identify sectors and specific companies that will benefit from the global macroeconomic environment.

In pursuit
of value

Through deep fundamental research, we strive to identify inefficiently priced companies experiencing a growth and profitability transformation.


We stay aware of market changes and will increase our cash position or purchase volatility ETFs when market conditions dictate.

our clients

We take our investors’ financial and lifestyle goals as seriously as we take our own. We also embrace partnerships with advisors who share our values and attention to client needs.


We partner with advisors to provide the Accelerator Model as an investment choice for their clients.

We recommend using the Accelerator Model as a foundational investment in U.S. growth. We recommend using the Ignition Model as a low cost way to invest in sector trends.

We work with a number of custodians and are listed on the Schwab Marketplace among other similar marketplaces. Please contact us to learn more.

We offer a special fee tier for financial advisor clients. Let’s schedule a call to discuss the fee tier in detail.

While our models offer defensive attributes reminiscent of an alternative investment they differ in that there are no performance fees or high barriers to entry, while providing full transparency.


We work with individuals and families who are seeking a growth focused investment in their portfolio.

IRAs, trusts, charitable, and individual or joint accounts are common. You can invest with just about any type of account with the exception of active 401ks and 529s.

Yes! You will have a separately managed account with full transparency and liquidity.

Our minimum is $5,000.

Schedule a call here.

powered by expertise

The Accelerator Model is a product of 20+ years of experience successfully navigating the market for both individual and institutional investors.

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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing
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  • Companies saving the world
  • Companies doing their part
  • Innovation trends and examples
  • The future of sustainable investing


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Next Level Investing

Next Level Investing
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Fundamentals of Investing

Fundamentals of Investing
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