2022 Mid Year Update: Macro Views

Introducing Macro Views with Frank Grinnell. Each month, Grinnell Capital’s portfolio manager, Frank Grinnell, will spend 20 minutes diving into a relevant topic that he’s discussing with financial professionals and investors to share his insight and thoughts on what is affecting global markets. Follow Grinnell Capital on LinkedIn so you don’t miss a conversation.

On this episode of Macro Views:

Pullbacks in the market, though painful, can be fantastic opportunities for those with discipline. Most will not capture the opportunity because it flies in the face of human behavior. What will you do? Listen in for our assessment of the current state of the market and some ideas on how to avoid that bear trap.

About Grinnell Capital

Grinnell Capital is an investment management firm that seeks to identify significant growth opportunities by constructing a high conviction portfolio of inefficiently priced and disruptive companies through a disciplined, fundamentally-driven investment process underscored by stringent risk controls. Grinnell Capital actively & dynamically manages two distinct investment models under this investment philosophy.

The Accelerator Model is our flagship model comprised mostly of stocks traded on the US stock exchange. This all-cap model targets specific opportunities in value as well as disruptive & game changing companies in their respective space, including AI, logistics/transportation, cloud computing/data center, business enablement, alternative energy, healthcare, consumer discretionary . At various times the model may also have exposure to international companies, companies exposed to the cryptocurrency market, and ETFs (as a defensive measure).

The Ignition Model is based on the same investment philosophy as our flagship model, the Accelerator Model, but comprised only of ETFs- Exchange Traded Funds. This all-cap model targets specific sector opportunities based on global macroeconomic trends with a conscious effort to capitalize on elite growth scenarios. At various times the model may have exposure to international companies, cryptocurrencies, and volatility ETFs (as a defensive measure).

For more information visit our website www.grinnellcapital.com or email info@grinnellcapital.com.

Disclosures: Grinnell Capital is a state-registered investment adviser in the home state of UT. For additional information about Grinnell Capital, including its services and fees, please review the firm’s disclosure statement as set forth in Form ADV and is available at no charge HEREConsult your financial adviser for further information. This video is provided for informational purposes only. The information contained herein should not be construed as personalized advice and is subject to change without notice. This material should not be considered as a solicitation to buy or sell any asset or engage in a particular investment strategy. Investing in securities involves the risk of loss, including loss of principal invested, and may not be suitable for all investors. Potential investors should seek their own legal, tax and accounting advice before making any investment decision. The performance results reflect the deduction of the advisory fee, the reinvestment of interest, dividends and other earnings and the deduction of brokerage commissions, and other direct investment costs. These results do not reflect other fees and costs that Grinnell Capital incurred, such as accounting, administrative, and/or legal fees. Future performance may change based on future circumstances, including trading costs and different trading strategies. A client’s actual performance results may vary from the performance results described above due to differences in the timing of that client’s investments and withdrawals and different fees and expenses that may be applicable to that client. Grinnell Capital believes that the S&P 500 Index is generally considered an appropriate benchmark for various equity markets. The S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged, capitalization-weighted index of the common stocks of 500 large U.S. companies designed to measure the performance of the broad U.S. economy. A comparison to the foregoing index is included to show the general market trends during the periods indicated. The index has not been adjusted for any management and performance fees such as those incurred by qualified investors. Individuals cannot directly invest in the index. Grinnell Capital believes the Nasdaq Composite is an appropriate benchmark for equity funds that invest primarily in technology-related companies. Grinnell Capital believes the Russell 2000 is an appropriate benchmark for equity funds that invest in small capitalization stocks. Since Grinnell Capital’s models encompass market capitalizations ranging from small to mega we cite the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 for informational purposes only. Since technology investing is a significant component of Grinnell Capital’s models, we cite the Nasdaq Composite for informational purposes only. There is not a single index that reflects Grinnell Capital’s investment strategy. Please see our website for additional important disclosure information. http://www.grinnellcapital.com

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