Investing in the stock market has been a pursuit and passion of Frank’s for over twenty years.  Frank spent nearly two decades of his investment career with firms, including Lehman Brothers, Citibank, and The Royal Bank of Canada.  During his time on Wall Street, he was a trusted consultant to professional money managers across the U.S. providing investment ideas to mutual funds, hedge funds, and pension funds.

During his career, Frank managed a discretionary account for a high-net-worth wealth management team which he grew from $5M to over $40M and consistently outperformed the S&P 500. The investment strategy he developed during that time has also provided life-changing returns for him and his family. Utilizing macroeconomic, fundamental, and quantitative analysis, Frank sifts through the available pool of investments and arrives at a combination of the game changers, market leaders, disruptors, and cyclical value companies that best fit the strategy. The concept is straightforward, but the exceptional results come from him being a daily student of the market for over 20 years.

Frank believes that the next twenty years will see increased innovation in technology, business enablement, clean energy, transportation, and healthcare. The future is sure to provide a robust backdrop for the emergence of high quality publicly traded companies that occupy those sectors. His experience has shown that investing in companies as an owner of stocks is the greatest wealth generator of our time. Therefore 100% of Frank’s investable assets have and will continue to be invested in this strategy. Frank is very excited to offer this strategy to individuals and families with the intention of helping them exceed their financial goals sooner.

When not researching investment ideas, Frank enjoys all aspects of Park City mountain life, including skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and golf with his wife Dana and their three children.

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