Thoughts on Banks & a Key Tell for Growth

Today we discuss the key takeaways from bank earnings and which stocks look good from here. Also, what to watch for in one of the most important growth stocks.
Super Green & Orange Smoothie
2 c almond milk (coconut milk or water works too)
1-2 c kale (I freeze mine)
1 frozen banana
1 orange (peeled)
1-2″ peeled ginger (to taste)
2t super greens powder (I used Your Super’s version, but any will work)
2t mellow yellow powder (I used Your Super’s version) or 1/2t tumeric
4T plant-based protein
Serves 2
*Specific stocks mentioned in this video are not traded for 72 hours after the video is published.
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We work to simplify investing and endeavor to maximize stock market opportunity through two distinct products: the Accelerator Model and the Ignition Model.
The Accelerator Model is a concentrated portfolio of inefficiently priced and disruptive companies poised for growth that are selected using a disciplined, fundamentally-driven investment process underscored by stringent risk controls.
The Ignition Model is a portfolio of ETFs designed to provide sector-specific exposure and capitalize on market trends.
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The principal investment focus of the Accelerator Model (the “Strategy”) is to achieve strong relative and risk-adjusted returns primarily by investing and trading in securities issued by companies that focus on the global information technology, consumer, healthcare, industrial, and infrastructure sectors. These sectors are characterized by robust secular growth, an abundance of both new and maturing product cycles, a high degree of competition that creates the potential for relative winners and losers within a sub-sector or theme, a high degree of revenues and earnings volatility, rapidly changing sentiment and public perception, significant yet unrealized potential for globalization and superior relative liquidity. Investment in the Strategy is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. The Strategy’s performance can be volatile. Grinnell Capital has total trading authority over the Strategy. The use of a single manager applying similar trading programs could mean a lack of diversification and, consequently, higher risk.

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